LIFE INC is a psychedelic pop group helmed by Gianluca Girard & Julian Picado, New York-based musicians hailing from São Paulo, Brazil and San José, Costa Rica, respectively.

Their sound is defined by an inventive mix of pop and jazz that explores short exciting songs, with profound pop-structures. It incorporates the freedom and mastery of expression found in the Lower Manhattan jazz scene combined with the aesthetics and DIY/bedroom approach of the NYC indie pop scene. Resulting in very mellow grooves and pleasant soundscapes reminiscent of late 70’s and 80’s pop music.

Featuring an international cast of talented musicians and attention to detail, LIFE INC’s music is blare with ironic joie de vivre.

                                Art by Majuí Tavares


︎ NYC - Rockwood Music Hall, March 4th

2020 LIFE INC NY 10009